Projects and Accomplishments Moosehead is on the Move!

Branding Moosehead Lake

The MLREDC sponsored a branding initiative under the guidance of Roger Brooks International. The Branding Initiative produced 42 recommendations including the formation of a Brand Leadership Team. The Team in partnership with the MLREDC is working diligently to fundraise and implement the recommendations of the final Report. The goals of this effort are to increase the number of visitors to the region and improve their experience by accessing previously hidden or unknown natural environment features; increasing employment opportunities and increasing household incomes through greater economic activity, and realizing the related benefit of increasing household incomes that leads to healthier households; and increasing access, awareness, and appreciation of pristine natural environment.

Master Economic Development Plan being prepared for the Moosehead Lake Region

The MLREDC has hired Future iQ Partners, a highly regarded international economic development planning firm to assist MLREDC and the Brand Leadership Team (BLT) in the preparation of an economic development Master Plan for the Moosehead Lake region (the area within 25 miles of Moosehead Lake). The Master Plan will provide a detailed report and plan for the revitalization of the economy in the Moosehead Lake region. Five members of the Future iQ team were in the Moosehead Lake region over three days between November 14 and 16 to meet with dozens of community leaders, individuals, organizations, and business owners. The Future iQ team met with local business owners, non-profit organizations, school superintendent, county economic development representatives from Piscataquis and Somerset counties, Realtors, banks and the credit union, MLREDC members, Brand Leadership Members (BLT), 12 Maine State Agencies that serve the region, municipal and county officials, hospital representatives, and retail, commercial, and manufacturing business owners. MLREDC’s goals are to create more jobs in the Moosehead region, increase the population by 25% especially families with children, expand nature based and outdoor tourism to 8 to 10 months per year, while retaining the character and values of the region. The Future iQ team will return to the Moosehead Lake region on March 9th for a two day “think Tank” session and will publically present and discuss several possible options for the revitalization of the area. A final report and plan will be presented by June 2017.

Establishment of a Free Downtown WiFi Hotspot

MLREDC, working with Axiom Technology, is pleased to announce that a free WiFi Hotspot in downtown Greenville has now been installed. Last May, a great gathering of people helped celebrate the installation of the WiFi Hotspot. The Hotspot will make it easy and convenient for visitors and residents to connect to the internet with their mobile devices in downtown Greenville. It can also be used to help visitors get easy access to information about activities and businesses in the Moosehead Lake Region. This will be an important tool for gathering data, marketing the region, and helping local businesses grow.

Beautifying Moosehead – Community Benches and Flower Planters

As part of the Downtown Beautification and Enhancement Initiative, the Brand Leadership Team (BLT) has launched a Memory Bench Program. Each Memory Bench will have a plaque in memory or honor of a person, family or entity chosen by the donor. Each bench will also be flanked by lovely flower planters. To date, the BLT/MLREDC has purchased nine benches, four of which have been placed in various locations in Downtown Greenville, the remaining to be split between locations in Rockwood and Greenville. This effort has been highly successful and already five Memory Benches have been sponsored by donors and many residents and visitors have been seen enjoying the benches! Coming soon will be tastefully designed and functional trash receptacles. For more information please contact Ruth McLaughlin at 207-695-0224.

Moosehead Lake Wayfinding Project

New Wayfinding SignageNew Wayfinding Signage - January 2017

Grund-breaking has begun for phase one of the Moosehead Lake Wayfinding project. For more than a year, volunteers from the Brand Leadership Team and MLREDC have been working on the design and rollout of this high priority item in Roger Brooks’ Branding Action Plan. The purpose of wayfinding is to put attractive and meaningful signs in places that will help visitors find their way to public attractions——hiking trailheads, boat launches, visitor information, public parking, motorized trailheads, etc. This improves the visitor experience, and results in an economic benefit when visitors stay longer and make return visits, because they learn that there are more attractions for them to enjoy. Another goal of the wayfinding project is—-over time—- to reduce the clutter of existing signs by consolidating them and by ensuring that signs are in good condition and actually provide necessary information. The first phase of wayfinding includes the southern half of Moosehead Lake, from Rockwood and Kokadjo to Greenville. The northern half of the lake will be in the next phases, as public access and road condition issues are resolved. Also in the works is an online mapping function on the Moosehead Lake Economic Development Corp website. This map will match the kiosk information map, and will enable smartphone access for wayfinding to the destination points as well as to area businesses. For more information, please contact Sally Johnson at:

Coming Soon—Artisans’ Cottage Colony

The Brand Leadership Team has embarked on a creative and bold initiative to establish an artisan village comprised of approximately 6 artisan cottages that will provide semi-permanent spaces for artists, crafters, jewelers and other vendors in Greenville. Some describe this as an “on-going craft fair” that will enhance the Downtown experience for residents and visitors alike. This charming and revitalizing initiative will be adjacent to and complement existing businesses and enrich community life. MLREDC and the BLT continue to seek financial support for this endeavor.