06/19/18 Moosehead Lake EDC Seeks Contract Administrator

The Moosehead Lake Region Economic Development Corporation (MLREDC) seeks an organization or individual to administer and support the programs and activities of the organization on a contract basis.

See: Full MLREDC Administrator Job Description

Interested parties should submit resume and cover letter
by July 15 to:

Paula St. Laurent, Vice President
Moosehead Lake Economic Development Corporation
P.O. Box 223
Greenville, ME 04441

The MLREDC was formed in 2013 to serve as a catalyst for the growth of the Moosehead Lake Region’s economy, the borders of which are roughly a 30-mile radius of Moosehead Lake. It is a 501-C-3 corporation and is comprised of a volunteer board of committed and “hands-on” community and business leaders. Its core mission is to help grow and sustain local businesses, attract and create new jobs and enhance the economy of the Moosehead Lake region.

To date, the MLREDC has accomplished a great deal including the following:
- Completed a major branding initiative: “America’s Crown Jewel”; and regional Master Plan for the Moosehead Lake Region
- Formed a Brand Leadership Team to help implement branding recommendations
- Developed a professional website promoting the Moosehead Lake Region
- Created a public WiFi system in part of downtown Greenville
- Secured a Master lease with the Town of Greeneville for the management of the Town-owned Greenville Business Center building (GBC), former incubator building.
- Attracted a new manufacturing business and made energy efficiency improvements to the GBC
- Secured a brand logo and trademarks for EDC and America’s Crown Jewel
- Assisted several local businesses with expansion and connection to resources
- Completed Phase 1 of Wayfinding project: Installed 80 new directional and location signs around the Moosehead Lake Region
- Developed an Artisan Cottage Village in downtown Greenville
- Implemented the visitor experience initiative in downtown Greenville and with new benches, large flower containers & trash receptacles
- Assisted the Northern Forest Center with a downtown Greenville business façade improvement pilot program

Scope of services:

It is envisioned that the Administrator will assist the EDC Board of Directors with helping to manage the organization and its related activities and support the Brand Leadership team in implementing their current and future projects, as follows:

- Expand the public WiFi system in downtown Greenville
- Develop and actively manage a Business Visitation Program for the region
- Work with State and regional economic development organizations to enhance broadband infrastructure
- Install informational Kiosks with promotional materials in the region
- Expand the Artisan Cottage Village in downtown Greenville
- Work with the Town of Greenville on the creation of a downtown TIF
- District and other funding strategies to support downtown improvements
- Conduct a feasibility study for hotel/conference center
- Develop a business site assessment and attraction strategy
- Complete phases 2 & 3 of regional Wayfinding project.
- Develop a sustainable financial model and implement an expanded fundraising effort to support MLREDC activities.