The Brand Leadership Team The Moosehead Lake Region Branding Initiative Was Established to Encourage Growth and Maintain Character

A major project of the MLREDC is the support for and implementation of the Moosehead Lake Region Branding Initiative. With the assistance of Roger Brooks International, hundreds of people participated in focus groups, interviews and community conversations, and 1,428 individuals completed an online survey. From this extensive outreach, a Marketing & Branding Action Plan (Branding Recommendations) was developed.

Three Major Goals

​The Cornerstone Objectives

Short term objectives include the implementation of 3 cornerstone Recommendations of the Branding Initiative: the creation of a regional master plan to guide future development of public amenities; the creation of a wayfinding system with unified branding to enhance resident and visitor recreational activity; the creation of a business plan for a new, multi-use community pavilion to support new economic activity and complement nature-based tourism activity; and funding 3,000 staff hours over three years to execute the above mentioned. Updates on the status of these projects, and others, can be found in our newsletters, subscribe to stay informed about all that is happening in the Moosehead Lake region!

​Long Term Goals

Long term outcomes as a result of implementation of the 3 cornerstone recommendations include: increasing amount of region’s visitors and improve their experience by accessing previously hidden or unknown natural environment features; increasing employment opportunities and increasing household incomes through greater economic activity, and realizing the related benefit of increasing household incomes leads to healthier households; and increasing access, awareness, and appreciation of pristine natural environment.

2019 Branding Leadership Team

Amanda Hunt, BLT Chair Shana Cirulli Margarita Contreni, Fundraising Development Chair Bonita Doughty Bonnie Dubien Ryan Edmonsdson, Wayfinding Committee Chair Andrew Gravelle Ruth McLaughlin, Downtown Experience Chair Donna Moreland Matthew St. Laurent, Public Outreach Chair

2019 BLT Priorities

1) Public Speaking Committee 

  • Community Outreach/Education

2) Downtown Beautification/Planning Committee 

  • Program Artisan Cottages on the shores of Moosehead Lake
  • Thoreauly Entertaining Music Series in Thoreau Park

3) Wayfinding Committee 

  • Complete Phase 2 of Wayfinding Initiative

4) Fundraising Committee 

  • Raise funds for Downtown Property Acquisition
  • Raise funds for Downtown Improvements

Priorities to be aware of/work in conjunction with the EDC 

  • Pavilion Planning
  • Regional Master Plan