Downtown Greenville
Greenville Consolidated School
Fishing the East Outlet


Over-sized Scenery. Right-sized Living.

Without urban distractions, life at the edge of the North Maine Woods is balanced. Doctors at the in-town hospital fly-fish on weekends. Lodge owners earn floatplane licenses so they can putter planes right up to lakefront docks. Inn chefs and home cooks forage for wild berries and mushrooms for the dinner table.

The Moosehead Lake Region

Some 4,260 people live and work within a 25-mile radius

of the lake’s center (the MLREDC service area), giving everyone room to breathe, be inspired, and make things happen.

Life in Balance, Year-Round

From quality education and healthcare, to unique dining, shopping, and recreational opportunities, the Moosehead region offers a balanced lifestyle year-round. And, the local cost of living is less than comparably-sized towns in Maine, with median house values around $174,000 and low property taxes (mill rates of 15 or less).

It’s the norm at Moosehead Lake to mix outdoor pursuits with work-life, family and community happenings.