Opportunities Abound For additional hotels, lodges, and new resorts to accommodate large numbers of visitors to Moosehead Lake Region each year.

Nature-based tourism businesses, light manufacturing, crafts/artisan goods, freelancers, and other businesses are also vital and welcome in the Moosehead Lake Region. Entrepreneurs and potential investors may contact the MLREDC confidentially at info@mooseheadlakeedc.com.

Outdoor recreation, equipment, light manufacturing

Recreation equipment manufacturing is the perfect complement to the Moosehead Lake Region’s love for outdoor recreation and artisan values. For example, Cabinetmaker Paul Lancisi began salvaging local maple logs that would have gone to pulp and paper mills and turning them into baseball bats. Made in a Shirley workshop (just south of Greenville), custom Dove Tail bats are sought by top Major League baseball players from the U.S. to Japan.


Artisan crafts and successful e-commerce businesses such as North Woods Gourmet Girl and Dove Tail Bats provide an opportunity for Moosehead Lake artisans to share their handmade goods with the world.

Craft Beverage Production

The access to quality water makes this a prime location for craft beverage production, such as breweries or distilleries. The artisan values embraced by craft brewers and distillers align well with the Moosehead Lake Region’s culture and amenities.