A Uniquely Spacious Sense Of The Great Outdoors

Moosehead Lake is the largest mountain lake in the eastern United States, and the beauty of the vast wilderness surrounding the lake has attracted visitors for hundreds of years. It’s a unique place where moose outnumber people. The lands around Moosehead Lake represent an opportunity for a variety of recreational, resort and residential activities. A recent branding effort promoting the region as ‘America’s Crown Jewel’ reflects the renewed interest in economic development among the region’s business and community leaders, creating a positive environment for new investments in tourism infrastructure. The potential to develop hospitality and residential products in close proximity to Moosehead lake is an unique opportunity. Moosehead’s overriding advantage is its scale, which allows for differentiation relative to competing Northeastern resort destinations. The low density of existing development, along with the fact that hundreds of thousands forestland acres will remain undeveloped, with future development limited in scope due to entitlements, will enable it to maintain its uniquely spacious sense of the great outdoors. It’s a place appealing to those seeking peace and tranquility, as well as those seeking more active outdoor sports and recreation.

Local’s Tip No. 1

"Broasted” chicken on the menu means it’s baked, dusted with flour, and fried to order.

Local’s Tip No. 2

To play the iconic Mount Kineo Golf Course (established late-1800s), hop the ferry from the Rockwood Public Landing.

Local’s Tip No. 3

Greenville is a town of early risers. Cafes serving hot coffee and pancakes open as early as 5 a.m.

Local’s Tip No. 4

Watch for wild moose along Lily Bay Road on the eastern side of the lake.

Local’s Tip No. 5

Along with the town of Greenville, lakeside villages include Rockwood, Lily Bay, Kokadjo, and Beaver Cove.

Local’s Tip No. 6

It’s official. The state animal of Maine is the moose, a designation by the state legislature in 1979.

Local’s Tip No. 7

A highlight of the winter season is the annual Wilderness Sled Dog Race.


Depending on the season, conditions are just right for boating and swimming, hiking mountain trails (Appalachian Trail included), touring to see peak fall color, or stoking a cozy fire while the snow falls.

Let’s Go

Bangor, ME and Bangor International Airport (BGR): 1.5 hours, 70 miles
Midcoast Maine (Belfast, Camden): 2 hours, 90 miles
Portland, ME and Portland International Airport (PWM): 2.5 hours, 150 miles

Quebec City: 3 hours, 150 miles
Boston, MA: 4.5 hours, 250 miles
Convenient to I-95 North - 1 hour (50 miles).

Also, charter flights to/from the in-town Greenville Municipal Airport.