07/12/18 MLREDC to oversee hotel feasibility study for the Moosehead Lake Region

The Moosehead Lake EDC is aggressively implementing several action plans focused on enhancing the region as a premier tourist destination in the State of Maine and have made some significant investments in our infrastructure and visitor experiences. One of the key initiatives this year, involves working on an effort to encourage the development of a mid-priced destination hotel and conferencing facility in the Greenville area – working with existing businesses or attracting new investment. The need for this type of facility was recommended by both Roger Brooks in the Branding Action Plan, and Future IQ in our Regional Master Plan. To that end, The EDC will be commissioning a market analysis to determine the demand of a hotel/conference center in the Greenville area and is beginning the process of identifying appropriate sites in the area and are working with various property owners regarding their willingness to make their respective properties available and or partner on a project. While we all believe there is clearly a subjective need for such a facility in the region to enhance the destination experience, it will be helpful to have a more qualitative analyses that can demonstrate the true market feasibility of such a destination facility. Once complete, the MLREDC will combine the sites analysis and hotel feasibility study and prepare a marketing package to be made available to existing hotel owners and key property owners in the region, hotel developers and relevant investors. Download: MLREDC Hotel Feasibility Analysis RFP ​ For more information, please contact Steve Levesque at: 207-841-9955; stevel@mrra.us