05/16/19 Moosehead Economic News: Spring 2019

Moosehead Economic News: Spring 2019

Welcome to Moosehead Economic News, the newsletter of the Moosehead Lake Region Economic Development Corporation (MLREDC). The purpose of this newsletter is to inform the public of the economic happenings in the Region, and there is a lot happening! Development to Celebrate in the Moosehead Lake region: Former Black Frog Property Sold: One of the most prominent properties in Downtown Greenville recently sold and is in the beginning stages of redevelopment. The former Black Frog restaurant is one of multiple anchors of Greenville’s downtown village, and we’re glad to see it once again become a gathering place for locals and visitors alike. Blair Hill Inn Expands Event Space: New this Spring, the Blair Hill Inn expanded the event space in its carriage barn to accommodate a variety of larger events to be hosted at their Inn. We’re pleased to see local businesses make investments like this in the Moosehead Lake region. Balance Gym & Wellness Center Opens in Greenville Junction Since opening January 1st, Balance Gym & Wellness Center has become a community asset for everyone in the Moosehead Lake region. Equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, and staffed with trainers for all ability levels, Balance Gym & Wellness Center has been an impressive addition to the Moosehead Lake region. We are glad that owner Amanda Hunt has chosen to start a business focusing on the health and wellness of the community she calls home. Development in Monson: Construction in Monson continues, as the Libra Foundation begins development of a medical and dental facility in what used to be the Monson Arts Center. The medical facility is one of many Libra Foundation projects in Monson, and we are excited to see economic progress in the region. Monson Arts also continues to thrive, with monthly resident programs bringing new visitors to Monson and the Moosehead Lake region from all over the world. MLREDC Activities: Phase Two of Wayfinding Initiative Underway: Phase Two of the Regional Wayfinding Initiative will include four large informational kiosks, installed at prominent locations in the Moosehead Lake Region. Look for the new kiosks at the Moosehead Visitor Center (Rt. 15), Downtown Greenville near the boardwalk, at the Greenville Junction Wharf, and at the Rockwood Public Landing. Downtown Greenville Revitalization: In February, the MLREDC entered into a purchase option agreement with A and E Properties, LLC (EJ and Stuart Richardson) to acquire approximately 1.2 acres of land at the corner of Pritham Avenue and Lakeview Street. The purpose of this agreement was to assist with the revitalization of downtown Greenville through the adaptive redevelopment of the Pritham Avenue parcel and the long-term preservation of a portion of the Lakeview parcel for public greenspace. In May, the MLREDC agreed to terms with Lakeshore Ventures, LLC for the acquisition and redevelopment of a key piece of waterfront property in downtown Greenville. The deal with Lakeshore Ventures, LLC, involves the acquisition of property at the intersection of Pritham Avenue and Lakeview St. The partners of Lakeshore Ventures, LLC, Richard Brown and Telford Allen, share the same vision of redeveloping the property consistent with the principles outlined in the Greenville Downtown Plan. Accordingly, over the next few years, they will work with the existing tenants on the property, adjacent property owners, the Town of Greenville and the MLREDC to realize the vision. Downtown Committee: As part of the Downtown Beautification and Enhancement Initiative, the Downtown Experience Committee is working with town officials on a grant application to Project Canopy, a cooperative effort between the State of Maine and the Maine Forest Service, to plant new trees on the Moosehead Lake Road coming into town, and shrubbery along the canal in downtown Greenville. The Downtown Experience Committee is also working with local contractors to replace the dated fence protecting pedestrians from the canal on Pritham Avenue. Keep an eye out for these beautification projects in the downtown village! Big Moose Mountain Ski Area GoFundMe: The MLREDC accepts private contributions to help support the legal efforts related to the State lawsuit associated with the ski mountain. These private donors recognize the importance of the Big Moose Mountain Ski Area to the Moosehead Lake region, and the MLREDC’s mission of economic revitalization in the Moosehead Lake region. If you would like to learn more about and contribute to the “Bring Back Our Mountain Fund” visit GoFundMe.com and search “Bring Back Our Mountain Fund”. Grants & Fundraising Committee: The Grants & Fundraising Committee has worked diligently applying for, and securing multiple grants to help fund the many projects and initiatives that the MLREDC is working to complete in the region. The Grants & Fundraising Committee is also launching the 2019 Annual Donor Appeal, which will solicit support to continue MLREDC work in the region on important projects and initiatives that enhance the Moosehead Lake region for residents and visitors alike. Artisan Cottages & Thoreauly Entertaining!: After a successful launch in 2018, the MLREDC welcomes back summer artisans from all over Maine – painters, photographers, woodcarvers, potters, basket-makers, jewelry-makers, fabric artists and more – who will showcase their handmade arts and crafts. Be sure to check it out while exploring beautiful downtown Greenville! The MLREDC is thrilled to welcome back local and regional musicians to downtown Greenville, continuing the Thoreauly Entertaining! Music Series, hosted in Thoreau Park, on the shores of Moosehead Lake. Also returning, with the help of Destination Moosehead Lake, are the Gazebo concert series, near the Steamship Katahdin. For a full concert schedule, visit the Destination Moosehead Lake Events page. Greenville TIF Application: At the request of the Board of Selectmen, MLREDC has been assisting the Town of Greenville with the preparation of a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) program applications. TIF’s can be utilized as an effective tool for the Town of Greenville to better support its future economic development efforts. There are currently 362 TIF programs operating in the State of Maine, four of them in Piscataquis County (two in Dover-Foxcroft, two in Milo). In addition to a presentation to the Board by MLREDC President Steve Levesque, MLREDC consultant John Cleveland has hosted multiple presentations and public information sessions and hearings in concert with the town select board meetings, to help educate everyone about TIFs, and how they are utilized. Expanding Downtown Public WIFI: Continuing the MLREDC’s work with Axiom Technology, we’re pleased to announce the expansion of the very popular free downtown WIFI hotspot. Coming in Spring 2019, users will notice increased access to free public WIFI in downtown Greenville. Originating from the Shaw Public Library, the enhanced WIFI will extend south on the Moosehead Lake Road to Moosehead Traders; and on Pritham Avenue, to the Stress-Free Moose Pub. If you’re in Greenville Junction, you’ll notice free WIFI available there as well! We’re excited to be extending free public WIFI near Balance Gym & Wellness Center, for users who need WIFI access in Greenville Junction. The extended free public WIFI network will make it easy and convenient for visitors and residents to connect to the internet with their mobile devices in downtown Greenville and Greenville Junction. We are happy to offer this free service to users to access information about recreation, activities, and businesses in the Moosehead Lake Region. For more information contact John Cleveland at jcleveland@cdcorp.org. Hotel & Conference Center Feasibility Study for the Moosehead Region: The MLREDC commissioned a hotel feasibility study by the hotel-consulting firm, CBRE, in Fall 2018. The feasibility study determined that a mid-sized hotel with conference center space is indeed economically feasible in the Moosehead Lake region. The MLREDC is working to promote this opportunity for the future growth and development of this type of business in the Moosehead Lake region. For more information about news and activities contact: John Adkins at 207-717-3526; john.adkins@mooseheadlakeedc.com, or visit MLREDC’s website: www.mooseheadlakeedc.com. Follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/MLREDC/ To submit articles for future newsletters, contact: John Adkins; john.adkins@mooseheadlakeedc.com MLREDC Board of Directors: Steve Levesque, President Paula St. Laurent, Vice-President Donna Moreland, Secretary Geno Murray, Treasurer Rebekah Anderson Joe DiAngelo William Fletcher Amanda Hunt Luke Muzzy Dan Rinard Karin Tilberg Drew Watson Chris Winstead Ex-Officio Board Members: Bonnie DuBien Ruth McLaughlin Margarita Contreni Ryan Edmondson Matt St. Laurent