04/01/17 Moosehead Lake Brand Leadership Team news

The Moosehead Lake Brand Leadership Team recently held a committee meeting. The team has been busy and there are many exciting things coming this spring and summer. The downtown experience committee is excited to announce the arrival of two artisan cottages. These cottages will be placed in downtown Greenville across from the Moosehead Historical Society’s Community Center. For a minimal rental fee, crafters and artisans will be able to display their talent and offer products to consumers. A third cottage will be purchased to house public bathroom facilities. Additional information such as fees, schedules and a point of contact will be available shortly. Members of the marketing & fund development committee would like everyone to know that the annual “Appeals Letter” is in the final stages of being drafted and it will be hitting mailboxes soon. Save the date for the second Fall Family Festival which is slated to take place on Saturday, Oct. 14. If you are looking for that perfect gift, please visit the Moosehead Lake Branding Team’s official online store at Moosehead.itemorder.com. A glass and stemware collection will be available for sale in the future. Please watch for a new rack card. This rack card will encourage families and businesses to the Moosehead Lake region. When visitors arrive in Greenville, they will immediately notice the work of the wayfinding committee. Seventeen of 33 signs have already been installed from the first phase of the committee’s plan. These signs are colorful, bright and easy to read. The signs provide direction and mileage to some of the region’s most popular attractions. In addition to the 16 remaining signs on the major roadways, there are approximately 45 signs that will be placed in more remote locations to guide people to public attractions. For anyone wishing to get their business name in a prominent location in Greenville, the wayfinding committee is looking for sponsors of informational kiosks. The state of Maine recently published Maine’s official visitor guide, “Maine Invites You” and on the cover you will see the majestic Steamship Katahdin at her berth on Moosehead Lake. Please stay tuned for more updates.For anyone who would like more information regarding this article or the efforts of the Moosehead Lake Brand Leadership Team please contact info@mooseheadlakeedc.org.