01/06/21 The Land Use Planning Commission has begun a regional planning project in the Moosehead Region

Naomi Kirk-Lawlor, Senior Planner with theLand Use Planning Commission (LUPC) of Maine’s Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry announced they have launched their Moosehead Regional Planning Project website: https://moosehead-lake-region-cgpz-maine.hub.arcgis.com.  This will provide an opportunity for people to sign up for their email list which will be devoted to the project. The Commission will also be putting out a survey for everyone to write about their experiences Moosehead area, how they feel about this rare and beautiful part of the world. LUPC is currently in the beginning stages of this exciting Moosehead Region Planning Project.  According to their website, “The Commission is currently gathering input and comments from stakeholders in order to create several ‘Discussion Maps,’ hypothetical zoning maps that will be used to prompt community discussion during public meetings in the Summer of 2021.” You can stay informed by visiting their website to find out more.